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Dissemination of EUROmediCAT Activities

As Advised by Dr Anna Pierini of Institute of Clinical Physiology-National Research Council, Italy:


At the Pharmocovigilance Congress on Antiasthmatic Medicines held in Bologna, Italy on 23 November 2018, a presentation titled, "The EUROmediCAT Project for the evaluation of the safety of medicines during pregnancy." [Presentation in Italian]


Presentation of the EUROmediCAT results in Florence, Italy on 30 September 2016 "Health and Gender Medicine: from training to services.  Good practices" within the project "Women and Health" organised by the regional commission for Equal Opportunities of Tuscany [Presentation]

"Graph of the Month" published on homepage of Epidemiologia & Prevenzione website (the journal of the Italian Association of Epidemiology).  The graph refers to the results on antidiabetics in pregnancy published on PLos One.

The news was also published as spotlight on the Institute of Clinical Physiology-National Research Council's website


At the following link on the National Center of Rare Diseases website, section folic Acid, you can find the news on the EUROmediCAT Recommendations


The results on Antiepileptic Drugs published on Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety can be found at

Links to the news published on the websites of Epicentro and National center of Rare Diseases (section folic Acid) respectively regarding the antidiabetic study published on PlosOne

On Recommendations

On Antiepildeptic Study


On Conference in Poznan




As advised by Dr Sue Jordan:


SSRI Antidepressants in Pregnancy and Congenital Anomalies press release


SSRI Antidepressants in Pregnancy and Congenital Anomalies local coverage


Press releases from around the world: